My best friend and greatest supporter

My best friend and greatest supporter
I LOVE this man!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

12 Days and Counting

The 2011 D.C. Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is only 12 days away! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have so many people that I met at the numerous Get Started Meetings, Event Preps and Training walks I volunteered at that I can't wait to see again! There are also TONS of people that I have only met on Facebook that I can't wait to meet and walk with.

I have had a LOT of things happen to me this year. Many of them were good, and some of them were not so good. This year I made friends, I was sick, I had surgery, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, I had a chunk of my arm removed, I trained like a crazy women, I went through 3 pairs of walking shoes, I went to Boston, I suffered heat stroke, I rode in two ambulances to two different ERs, I learned my lesson, I trusted people, I got hurt, I worked my butt off, I was betrayed, I was lied to, I was told the truth, I was loved, I was supported, I was happy, I was sad, I got angry, I loved, I raised awareness, I raised funds, I was a course marshal and had a blast, I met people, I payed bills, I worked, I played, I ran my first 5K and had nobody there to cheer me on, I created a website, I attended more breast cancer awareness events than I can even remember, I volunteered, I helped, I comforted, I consoled, I was comforted, I was consoled, I laughed, I cried, I was hugged, I tried to be a good person, I got a ticket, I won some, I lost some, I designed shirts, I sold shirts (still selling them .... go to to buy one - PLEASE), I planned fund raisers, I put myself out there, I was disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised, I celebrated birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, I cooked, I cleaned, I went out to dinner, I visited friends, I held my husband's hand, I went to my 30th year High School reunion, I mourned the loss of a friend, I mourned the loss of a women I only met for a moment at the 3-Day (Julia "Mama Tutu" Kaulker), I mourned the loss of a friend's sister, I wore my hair up, I went to my favorite place (tucked in under my husband's chin with his arms wrapped around me), I wore my hair down, I bought more shoes (love shoes), I shared my myself, I remembered the joys of a batting cage, I got my car fixed too many times, I begged for a motorcycle (didn't get it ... yet), I worried, I relaxed, I got excited to get a "Hello Titty" button, I blared my hard rock music with the the sunroof and windows opened and didn't worry about the cuss words, passed kids and then worried about the cuss words, I made my son feel better, I heard myself say "you need to shave" for the first time to my son and totally freaked out, I learned how to make awesome TuTus, .... basically I LIVED!

Why am I telling you this? Well, I was just sitting here thinking about how excited I am about the D.C. 3-Day, and I realized that I walk so that breast cancer doesn't take that away from another. We all should be free to experience ALL the things (good and bad) that happen when you truly LIVE. SO .... I'll keep walking and getting excited about it until we can all LIVE a lifetime without the threat of breast cancer cutting it short or diminishing our lives in any way!

God bless you and yours!!!!